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Connect DVD Player and Cable TV box to TV. 

Cable and hookup definitions
What connections will I find on a DVD Player and a Stereo TV?

Composite Video:
An analog interface that uses a RCA style plug connection for 1 video (Yellow) connectors and jacks. It is also called Baseband. Composite only supports displaying video in 480i. High-Definition is not supported. A Composite connection will provide better video quality than an RF connection. The yellow composite video connection is used for VCR and standard TV hookups as well as other video connections such as a camcorder to a TV. Typically you will use 2 Audio (Red and White) connectors and jacks to provide the analog sound as the yellow connection is only video.

An analog interface that uses a 4-pin connection for video only. It is also called Y/C. An audio connection can be completed by using the Composite (Red and White) audio connections. S-Video only supports displaying video in 480i. An S-Video connection will provide better video quality than an RF connection.

Component Video:
An analog interface that uses a 3 wire connection for 3 components of the video (Red, Green, Blue). It is also called YPbPr. Component supports displaying video in 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i. High-Definition is supported. An audio connection can be completed by using the Composite audio connections or SPDIF connections.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface):
A digital interface that uses a multi-pin connection for video and audio. HDMI supports video in 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i / 1080p. High-Definition is supported. The HDTV must support HDCP, otherwise the screen will be blank, without audio. Video between DVI-D and HDMI ports is compatible with a physical adapter, but audio would need to be connected separately. Generally HDMI is replacing DVI as a video interface.

A digital audio connection using either a coaxial connection with RCA connectors or an optical connection using multi-mode fiber. SPDIF supports stereo and surround sound audio.

• Learn more about cable types: Cable Types

DVD Player to TV Hookup

This hookup diagram shows a simple video and audio connection from a DVD Player to a stereo TV. If your TV does not have RCA audio/video inputs, you have to use a RF Modulator to connect DVD player to TV.


o DVD signal source IN.
o TV set with A/V inputs.
o One set of Audio RCA cables (1-red & 1-white audio).
o One composite video (yellow) cable.

You need to select on the TV set the proper input for the DVD player connection. Every TV will label their inputs differently but typically there will be a button on the TV remote control or a button on the TV itself which will, with each push, select another input. The TV screen should show each input as it is selected by a name such as VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2 etc. or LINE 1, LINE 2, or DVD, S-VHS. Keep pushing the button (usually labeled VIDEO or INPUT SELECT) until you see the screen from the DVD Player. (Power on the DVD Player first)

Cable Box hookup to TV

Your Cable TV converter box can connect to your TV using a second set of audio/video input jacks. Select the input on the TV for the cable box when you want to watch TV programming.

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How to Connect a DVD Player, VCR, and Digital Cable Box

Hookup Diagram for Cable box, VCR, DVD and TV

Connect the Cable Box and VCR

On the back of the cable-box/vcr there will be 2 coaxial hookups, labeled cable in and tv out or something similar. The cable in (cable box) gets hooked to the cable jack from the wall. Connect the tv out (cable box) cable to the IN on the VCR. Connect the OUT (vcr) to the coaxial input connection on the TV.

Connect the DVD Player to the TV

Connect the red, white, and yellow colored RCA patch-cords.

These cables should have come with the DVD player. If not, you can buy them at any store that sells electronics, such as Radio Shack.

Check the back of your TV to see which type of hookups are available and use the appropriate cables. Make sure that you are going OUT of the DVD player to IN on the TV.

Power all components ON. Make sure that your TV is on the proper channel for the cable-box and VCR (usually channel 3, sometimes 4). The VCR should be on the same channel (for recording purposes.) When the VCR is off, you are watching cable TV. When the VCR is on, you are watching a video tape.

* The DVD player will be found on an alternate input setting on the TV such as video1, etc. depending on the input and type of TV.

* RCA patch-cord cables are color coded:
red and white are for audio (red is for right channel, white is for left channel) and yellow is for video.

* If you are still having problems, call your cable provider and ask them for help.

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